Did you know there are up to 13 different leg options for MacKenzie-Dow Tables?

Spotlight on: Leg Options

One of the most utilized MacKenzie-Dow options is the choice of which leg to use. When we first brought MacKenzie-Dow to market we offered only 4 leg options, since that time, we have been listening to our customers and designers and adding new options; we are now up to 13 choices!

MacKenzie-Dow leg options. 13 photos of leg choices available for MacKenzie-Dow tables. Console, Dining, Cocktail, Lamp tables
Here is our full selection of legs.

Why do we say there are “up to” 13 choices for which leg you use? The leg options offered per table are based on the height, width, and configuration of that particular table. The larger legs, such as Alsace and Bordeaux are designed for dining tables at least 44″ wide, usually with our optional 1 3/4″ thick top. The smaller (not always simpler) legs, such as Sheraton, French, and Manor work with a range of tables including dining, lamp and even cocktail.

In addition to the finish and apron selections, the legs set the mood of a room. Are you going for bold, elegant, modern or traditional? We are sure you’ll find the perfect leg in our 13. We would love to hear your thoughts on our selection and which leg is your favorite!