Furniture Care

Once your piece is bench crafted and hand sanded, we apply a series of stains and glazes utilizing a variety of techniques creating the "hang-up" akin to well worn furniture. We obtain our incomparably soft finish with a base of lacquer that is then waxed (with Briwax). We finish by applying "The Original Bee's Wax" Furniture Polish.

The lacquer that we use is rated three of four stars to mar, moisture and chemical resistance, however, we do recommend that spills and cup rings be wiped up in the minimum amount of time. Most of our pieces have an aged, old world look and will handle everyday use very well.

General cleaning should be done with a soft cloth.

  1. Use a spray bottle and lightly wet surface of the table.
  2. Use 0000 steel wool to gently "buff" the scratches out of while wet. Once done, dry the area well.
  3. Apply beeswax furniture polish with a soft cloth

The "Original Bee's Wax" Furniture Polish can be purchased through World Class Promotions @ 1-800-568-1413 or at

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