Customizing the Yesterday River Huntboard

Did you know that custom modifications can be made to most MacKenzie-Dow pieces?

Since we are a bench-made manufacturer and make each piece to order, we are able to customize a piece when the standard size may not be the right fit for your home.

Today we will show you two custom Yesterday River Huntboards we have made. But first, we will show you what the 6-1300 YR Huntboard looks like with the standard dimensions.

Now, here are two of the customizations we have made for this same piece…

This piece has a narrower depth and more height added to the body for more storage.
With this piece, the width was almost doubled adding more cabinet room and the center drawers have been modified as well.

Customization doesn’t end with just the dimensions, you can extend it to color, hardware and even the amount of hand-planing on the surfaces!

You can find the product page for the Yesterday River Huntboard here: