Spotlight on The Greenbrier Collection

The Greenbrier, set in the idyllic Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, is not only a state treasure but a national treasure as well. Dating back to 1858 the property has seen many transformations and a variety of guests including US Presidents, foreign dignitaries and Hollywood stars and starlets. For the past several years, MacKenzie-Dow has been honored to work with The Greenbrier on a special collection of furniture we call The Greenbrier Collection.

Drawing from the overall feel as well as the stunning architecture of The Greenbrier we have designed two sub-collections, the Colonnade and the Summit Modern. Vastly different from one another we feel they bring out the different personalities you might find while in the nature surrounding the resort and walking the halls of the resort itself.

The Colonnade pieces feature a grand allure that will wow your guests upon first site.

The Summit Modern pieces feature a delicate and modern design.