Our History

Photo of Gary and Bonner Adams

Pictured above: Gary Adams (left) and Bonner Adams (right).

It starts with a story.

In the summer of 2001, we were approached with an idea – to make solid cherry case goods in the United States. Although this may seem like an elementary concept on the face of it, at the time, within the furniture industry, this was not the direction in which things were trending. It wasn’t only about producing a domestic furniture product though. No, with the idea that was presented to us - the functionality, and more importantly the feel, of the furniture was just as important as producing a visually appealing product. The idea, if you really want to call it that, was to return to the roots of cabinetry and furniture making.

October 2001 was a somber, difficult, and uncertain time in our nation’s history. We had just arrived at the Fall High Point Furniture Market to introduce the very first pieces of furniture we had ever produced, those that would eventually lead to the origination of MacKenzie-Dow. It was our good fortune that we knew some people within the furniture industry, most of them well established, who had agreed to take a look at what we had produced. Maybe it was the mood of the country at the time or the direction in which things were moving within the industry itself - we can’t really say for sure. Whatever it was, everybody that stopped by was complimentary of what we had done and encouraged us to continue down this path – and so we have.

We’ve grown tremendously since that time and are grateful for the opportunity to continue doing what we love, producing solid, American-made products behind which we’re proud to stand. We were a small, close-knit wood shop when we took that leap of faith back in the summer of 2001, and that family atmosphere remains today. We enjoy what we do – from the creative aspect of our custom program to incorporating new ideas into new products, each day is a new adventure. We look forward to what the future brings, meeting new people and experiencing new places along the way that play an integral role in shaping and bettering MacKenzie-Dow.